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How to travel light and efficient: I pack my bags for a surf-trip and bring…

I travel a lot and often visit many different places and climates on one trip. Sometimes, I have to pack my bags for multiple trips in a row because going home in between is too much of a detour. This means, I bring hoodies, shirts, shorts, pants, sneakers and sandals,

LA from a Surfers (my) point of view I MUC – LAX

Off to LA. It´s 7 am, 20th of November 2017. I am at Munich Airport and it´s accordingly cold. But against one´s expectations I like it (this may be due to my new Winterjacket, or just that I have nothing against cold winter days in general). Anyhow I am on

3 Different Types of Surfbreaks

3 different types of surf breaks in this video I give a short overview of the difficulties and what to be aware of at each kind of different surf breaks. Reefbreak, Beachbreak, Pointbreak – After watching it, you´ll hopefully know which one is best for you to go to. in this

5 Tips how to solo surf travel

I´ve been Surf-traveling for 4 years now – mostly by myself. Here´s a few tips on how to solo surf travel

Surfing Tips with Janine – Surfgirlmag.com

NEW TO SURFING? JANINE REITH ON A QUEST TO IMPROVE HER SURFING SHARES SOME COACHING TIPS. Are you new to surfing and thinking about taking it up? Well amazing, it’s such a rad sport and I am sure you’re going to love it. Yes it may feel a little daunting

Surfergirls BE AWARE! – Babos im Line up

Dass wir Mädels im Surfen immer noch eine Minderheit darstellen wissen wir alle. Ich persönlich finde das weder schlimm, noch heiße ich es für gut. Eigentlich habe ich darüber keine Meinung, denn es ist mir prinzipiell völlig egal, ob Surfergirls die Crowd ausmachen oder mehr Dudes im Line up sitzen

Surfing Gran Canaria – we finally found Waves

After a week of storm – lots of wind and no waves – we finally found surfable goods at the island of Gran Canaria at the Canary Islands! I mean the search itself is fun, but finding waves is the best feeling in the world I think. Not to mention