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The North Shore of Oahu hasn´t been all that great, but it´s been a great experience! 

…and by great experience I not only mean a literally great experience, in terms of waves. But also a great experience in terms of personal growth, life changing acknowledgements, cultural differences, diverse personalities and environmental aspects. When I say, it hasn´t been all that great, I actually mean, it was

LA from a Surfers (my) point of view I MUC – LAX

Off to LA. It´s 7 am, 20th of November 2017. I am at Munich Airport and it´s accordingly cold. But against one´s expectations I like it (this may be due to my new Winterjacket, or just that I have nothing against cold winter days in general). Anyhow I am on

10 Gründe warum landlocked Surfer besser dran sind

Land, wo man auch hinsieht. Wellen hat hier maximal ungebügelte Kleidung. Und selbst die ist eher selten in Karriere-City. Von Land umgeben, weit weg vom Meer. Das Leben als Landlocked Surfer ist hart, die Schattenseiten stets präsent und die Sehnsucht nach Meer unbändig. Weil das aber so ist und wir

3 Different Types of Surfbreaks

3 different types of surf breaks in this video I give a short overview of the difficulties and what to be aware of at each kind of different surf breaks. Reefbreak, Beachbreak, Pointbreak – After watching it, you´ll hopefully know which one is best for you to go to. in this

5 Tips how to solo surf travel

I´ve been Surf-traveling for 4 years now – mostly by myself. Here´s a few tips on how to solo surf travel

Surfing Tips with Janine – Surfgirlmag.com

NEW TO SURFING? JANINE REITH ON A QUEST TO IMPROVE HER SURFING SHARES SOME COACHING TIPS. Are you new to surfing and thinking about taking it up? Well amazing, it’s such a rad sport and I am sure you’re going to love it. Yes it may feel a little daunting

How to practice surfing at home – the take off

here´s how to do a proper take off! Remember to repeat the exercise EVERYTIME before you go in the water too! It´s a perfect warm up, Kelly Slater does it, Mick Fanning does it – Yes, they still do this! Only by repeating it your body get´s used to the