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Kuta Beach

Why Kuta Beach is one of my favorite Surfspots in Bali and why you shouldn’t laugh about it

After four seasons of traveling around in Indonesia, this year I ́ve decided to spend the season in Canggu and not travel around as much as I used too. There ́s good surf around here and all over Bali and I love it. I know, being from Germany, for me

Padang Bali

In the Barrel with Rizal Tandjung and Garut Widiarta

On a journey inside of the Barrel with Garut Widiarta and Rizal Tandjung Bali, Indonesia! “That´s what surfing is all about”, Indonesian Tube riding Masters Garut Widiarta and Rizal Tandjung are taking us on a little journey deep into the barrel and share some tips on how to get into