Surf- and travel related Innovations: This was the ISPO Munich 2018 

No year goes by without a visit at the biggest Actions Sports Exhibition: ISPO Munich 2018. I met a lot of amazing people, caught up with brands and friends, made new contacts and finally found a snowboard I liked (will tell you more about this in a different article).

Here are my favorite Surf-and Travel related Innovations of the ISPO Munich 2018:


  1. Whitezu

By far my favorite invention! Every landlocked surfer needs this! Super easy to set up and great for your backyard or wherever you find a spot to skate. It´s like a mobile wave you can just set up anywhere when the surf is flat. I almost guarantee great fun and even better training.

Watch their clips and get yourself a wave:


  1. Carver and YOW Surf-skates

The two most convincing ones were definitely Carver and Yow Surfskate. Their representers were absolutely ripping in the „whitezu“ ramp. I use Carver tracks on my skateboard and can highly recommend them. Super fun to train and definitely super close to the surf-feeling.

My favorite: //


  1. Reusable Resin

The reusable resin amazing Idea! Would love to give it a shot but only time and a lot of research will tell if it really works for surfing.

This is real complex, but you can watch their clips to learn more:


  1. Foldable solar panels 

My second favorite thing! Great to travel with and absolutely a must have for a trip to a remote surf destination! They can charge a laptop in only 4 hours and your phone in just 2. They’re small super-light and foldable. I’m definitely getting one.

Have a look at their product range:


  1. Waka Waka Power Banks with solar panels

Share the Sun! A must have for frequent travelers. This real small gadget is perfect to travel to remote destinations and can be used to charge your phone or camera. Plus: Buying a Waka Waka Power Bank you automatically support people who live without access to electricity. Waka Waka donates a certain percentage to people in need. Great philosophy! I already have one 🙂

Shop here:

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  1. Klean Kanteen

We all know about the coffee cup problem world wide. I was just confronted with it in Hawaii. It’s insane how much waste coffee stores produce. Bring your own cup for your coffees to go. Same with plastic bottles. Just refill your reusable one. Klean Kanteen has some really good options.

Get your’s here:


  1. Crystal Flow

Haven’t tried it out in the surf. But I usually sleep a night in my surf bikinis once before I actually try them in the surf. If they don’t leave any marks and are still comfortable to wear in the morning I usually don’t get rashes from them in the surf. Crystal flow was super comfy. I really like it’s fit and sporty style. Best part so far: It’s made out Econyl and therefore of old fishing nets! Same material as Volcoms new Bikini collection. Amazing. One Girls trash is another Girls Bikini.

Check it out:


  1. Inlovewithjune

A super comfy clothing brand, classy produced sustainably and fair. I can highly recommend you wear it. Minimalist, Organic, Fair. Their collections are based on natural, organic and recycled fabrics. Inlovewithjune is designed for oceanlovers and made with respect for humankind and nature. Its a giving back of the happiness and peace nature gives us.

Here’s where to shop:


  1. Cork traction Pads

They looked really interesting. Would be great if it works. Can’t really imagine it though. It felt pretty slippery and cork usually soaks up water. My questions were answered but the answers did not 100% convince me. I did get to try one out yet but I’m definitely keen. Would be cool if it really works. Cork is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Check them out:


  1. Shredrack – inflatable Board racks 

Yes I want one. Fits every car. Even a smart! Just have a look and decide yourself.

Simple and practical: