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How to practice surfing at home – the take off

here´s how to do a proper take off! Remember to repeat the exercise EVERYTIME before you go in the water too! It´s a perfect warm up, Kelly Slater does it, Mick Fanning does it – Yes, they still do this! Only by repeating it your body get´s used to the

How to practice Surfing at home – 4 basic steps

This is Part II of the Surfcoaching I´ve been getting at the canary islands with Untiversitysurf school. In this Video my surf coach Hector Medina shows and explains how you can train your surfing technique at home. I´m his lucky volunteer, trying to do everything correctly. If you want to

Surf Coaching Part I – university surf school Gran Canaria 

Here’s the first video of the surfcoaching I am currently getting at “University Surf School, escuela canaria de formación de surfistas”. It’s an introduction of the school and my coach (Hector Medina) including a little sum up about my surfing and what we’ll be working on.

Surf Tips – how to start surfing and how to improve your surfing

To all you Surfergirls out there and to those who want to join this amazing Sport and way of life. In this video I will tell about my experiences when I started surfing. How I started, how I tried to improve my surfing and now that I´m being coached for