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3 Different Types of Surfbreaks

3 different types of surf breaks in this video I give a short overview of the difficulties and what to be aware of at each kind of different surf breaks. Reefbreak, Beachbreak, Pointbreak – After watching it, you´ll hopefully know which one is best for you to go to. in this


Checklist: What to know about a new Surfspot

In my last video we were talking about a few things to be aware of while solo surf traveling. And today I´d like to mention 7 things to pay attention to when you get to a new surf spot. I´ve been doing a little collaboration lately with the chixxsonboard Magazin

5 Tips how to solo surf travel

I´ve been Surf-traveling for 4 years now – mostly by myself. Here´s a few tips on how to solo surf travel

Surfing Tips with Janine –

NEW TO SURFING? JANINE REITH ON A QUEST TO IMPROVE HER SURFING SHARES SOME COACHING TIPS. Are you new to surfing and thinking about taking it up? Well amazing, it’s such a rad sport and I am sure you’re going to love it. Yes it may feel a little daunting

Surf Tips – how to start surfing and how to improve your surfing

To all you Surfergirls out there and to those who want to join this amazing Sport and way of life. In this video I will tell about my experiences when I started surfing. How I started, how I tried to improve my surfing and now that I´m being coached for

Goodtimesmag /DON`T BE A KOOK

Wenn du diese Regeln beim Surfen beachtest, steht erfolgreichen Surf-Sessions nichts mehr im Wege. Surfen ist IN. Seit einiger Zeit erlebt der – für uns – exotische Sport einen regelrechten Hype in Deutschland. Zahlreiche Magazine berichten über trendige Surfstyles, den lässigen Beachlook, drucken oder posten Hochglanzfotos von durchtrainierten, braungebrannten Surfern in