Ripcurl Wetsuits

Wow. Where to start with this?! Ever since I started surfing, Ripcurl has been one of the brands I would safe up my money for, to be able to buy bits of their collections. This brand has always had such big influence in my surfing and the lifestyle that comes with it. On the one hand through the amazing high performance surfing of all of their team riders, as well as their high standards in terms of quality in their products and on the other hand because of the authentic image they portray in our sport. I´m absolutely honored to be supported by Ripcurl Germany and thus a tiny little but, incredibly proud part of their representatives. Absolutely stoked and so thankful for the support.

Living the Search since 2014!

My Wetsuits:

Flashbomb 5.4 (Winter)

Dawnpatrol 3.2 (Summer)

G Bomb Zipfree 4.3 (Winter)

Springsuits: (Colours may be different)

E-bomb 2mm

G-Bomb 2mm

Dawnpatrol shorty