NIKITA Shred-session: catching up with GIRLS WHO RIDE! 

Now you wonder, „who is NIKITA“? NIKITA is not a person. Well, not one person. NIKITA is a clothing brand for girls who ride. So, in fact, NIKITA clothing is a community of girls who ride – and I am a pretty proud part of this community.

For me, it started around about four years ago. I came across Nikita clothing while spending a snowboard-season in the alps and found they make pretty cool clothes. Most of all, I liked their philosophy:


NIKITA is an iconic girls streetwear and outerwear brand that brings style and rebellious confidence to girls from the streets to the mountains.“


From their start in the late 90’s NIKITA clothing purpose has been to create clothes for Girls Who Ride. And this is until today and into the future. NIKITA clothing is a pretty great company and as their Brand Ambassador, I can call myself a pretty proud part of it.


NIKITA combines action with style and makes it easy for us – Girls Who Ride – to choose what to wear when skating, snowboarding or outdoors and on the road. I love snuggling up in one of their hoodies or joggers after an exhausting surf too. Going out partying I can choose from a selection of stylish leggings and sleeves to dress up. The streetwear collection is inspired by us girls who love being outdoors and draw creativity from natures beauty.


A day at the GIRLS WHO RIDE – sessions with NIKITA clothing


NIKITA clothing connects like-minded adventure girls which is why they organize girls sessions at ski-resorts worldwide. So while surfing is still in its seasonal break, fortunately, it is peak season for snowboarding. And I am in the mountains! Well, in my hometown and this is really really close to the alps. This weekend I took my little SMART for a spin and drove it up to Snow park Nesselwang where I would meet some of my fellow mountain lovers and snowboard-chicks.

Thanks to BLUE TOMATO and JONES Snowboards I was well equipped with a brand new board. (My old Burton board had separated from its rails after 6 years of loyalty including two seasons of shredding).

But before I introduce you to the Girls Who Ride aka #Nikitanation, I need to get rid of a few words about a part of the Snowboard Industry…


Why I decided to get a Jones snowboard is simple after all


I am a surfer and since I decided to be one, my interest in new snowboard equipment has faded. When I visited the ISPO (international sports-fairy) in Munich I tried to find a new snowboard and obviously inform and update myself about materials, shapes, brands etc. Unexpectedly this was a hard one to do. I did not feel being taken seriously when asking for info on some brands boards. Most of their sales assistants where just like: „Yeah, look over there, those are our girls’ boards.“ And that was it. Further questions I had where mostly being answered with a yes or a no. I had to really dig deep with most brands to learn more about their boards which was pretty annoying. Only two brands’ sales assistants were friendly, helpful and convincing which where NITRO Snowboards and JONES. You might wonder what other brands I talked to… and well, it took me an entire day at the ISPO to work myself through nearly every both that had snowboards on offer. So I talked to around about 95 % of the brands that were representing their stuff. Pretty disappointing I only felt being well taken care of with two. Anyway, though, I found my new favorite board and absolutely loved testing and riding it on Saturday with the girls.


Ok. Now, I no longer want to withhold my fellow NIKITA Girls who ride: 

This is the creative crew of Girls Who Ride aka. a part of the #NIKITANATION – Team I got to shred with on Saturday at Snowpark Nesselwang.


Alex Zwingel

humble head of event and brand organization at Nikita clothing. She is always smiling and joking. Whatever adventure you are up for, Alex is with you to make sure its one to remember. The only problem is her schedule! This lovely lady is pretty fully booked all the time so you got to make sure you ring her up early.


Katha Baumann

Always there for us! She is taking care of us Ambassadors and Nikita clothing marketing and event management. Katha can solve any problem and will surely come up with a new and great idea to realize. I can’t wait for next Weekend to meet them both again at Blue Tomato’s „dirty thirty“ B-day Bash! @nikitaclothing


Laura Diehm alias Nanni & Juli Sabli alias Hanni

Influencer, every event needs! Their Instagram-story-telling will make your event an unforgettable one. Don’t worry about content, Hanni & Nanni will take care of it. They shred, party hard and look amazing. Nothing but converting fun times into a story worth telling through their phones is of any interest for them. It is their job and they are really really passionate about it. Social Media has never been so damn funny and entertaining. @lauradiehm @julisabli


Valerie Schlieper alias Einwal

A creative mind like no other. Vale is all about designs and creative thinking. She snowboards, surfs, longboards, skates… board-sports are her passion and inspire her ideas. Creativity is the outcome. You have an idea, Vale will visualize and illustrate it to make it a remarkable one. To get lost in Vale’s art click right here: @einwal


And me? I am honestly so so proud to get to hang out with such legends. For me, Nikita contributes much more than just clothes to the community. As a brand, it highlights each of us in our own unique way of living. I am proud to be part of #Nikitanation and feel grateful to be chosen as one of their Brand Ambassadors.




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