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How to travel light and efficient: I pack my bags for a surf-trip and bring…

I travel a lot and often visit many different places and climates on one trip. Sometimes, I have to pack my bags for multiple trips in a row because going home in between is too much of a detour. This means, I bring hoodies, shirts, shorts, pants, sneakers and sandals,

Surf- and travel related Innovations: This was the ISPO Munich 2018 

No year goes by without a visit at the biggest Actions Sports Exhibition: ISPO Munich 2018. I met a lot of amazing people, caught up with brands and friends, made new contacts and finally found a snowboard I liked (will tell you more about this in a different article). Here

Kuta Beach

Why Kuta Beach is one of my favorite Surfspots in Bali and why you shouldn’t laugh about it

After four seasons of traveling around in Indonesia, this year I ́ve decided to spend the season in Canggu and not travel around as much as I used too. There ́s good surf around here and all over Bali and I love it. I know, being from Germany, for me

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How I built up a life I don´t need a vacation from in 6 steps

Recently, I’ve published an article about 10 facts about my life, you probably did not know. If you read it, you know, the struggle is real. Being able to live the life I’ve always wanted to live is a long way with a lot of ups and downs. So in

The North Shore of Oahu hasn´t been all that great, but it´s been a great experience! 

…and by great experience I not only mean a literally great experience, in terms of waves. But also a great experience in terms of personal growth, life changing acknowledgements, cultural differences, diverse personalities and environmental aspects. When I say, it hasn´t been all that great, I actually mean, it was

10 Things about the life I am living you probably didn´t know

I am living the dream. I love my life, but it hasn’t always been like that. I am 28 years old and before I decided to follow my heart and do what makes me the most happy, I was a soccer reporter back home, in Germany. And not just soccer,

LA from a Surfers (my) point of view I MUC – LAX

Off to LA. It´s 7 am, 20th of November 2017. I am at Munich Airport and it´s accordingly cold. But against one´s expectations I like it (this may be due to my new Winterjacket, or just that I have nothing against cold winter days in general). Anyhow I am on