My opinion on Muklis Anwar and Allannah Brown’s argument in Medewi

This has gone way too far! Regarding the incident between Allannah Brown and Muklis Anwar at Medewi Beach: How the heck can so many people judge so much without even aiming to know the full story? A conflict always has two sides and a story to it. Often, that story cannot be shown or told in just a few photos, especially when those photos are clearly only documenting a single moment. Much less from a post of an obviously partial witness.

My point is that a lot of Surf-media has just shared very emotional Facebook statements of Muklis Anwar and Allannah Brown, neither backed with profound research nor directly reaching out to either of the involved persons, in order to at least throw a few proper questions at them. Not that I actually think all of this is or should be of public interest anyway. But instead, many Mags only shared her (Allannah Browns) Facebook-post, where she is publicly harassing and complaining about Muklis Anwar and his sponsor ‚Volcom‘ for what happened. They, therefore, supported her very own story of what happened without even giving him (Muklis Anwar) a proper chance to react to it.

Now, most commenters on social media have thrown themselves onto the girls’ side. Unfortunately, a lot of social networkers cannot think further than what meets their eye and rarely think of the consequences their inconsiderate comments, likes, and shares might have. They believe what they see and question nothing. For them, ‚the girl‘ is the victim, because she said so.

And women are the supposedly weaker sex anyway, so they need support…


Key-facts shown in the photos: 


  • He dropped in on her.
  • He then stayed behind her.
  • She did a cutback and their boards collided.
  • She threw her middle fingers at him.
  • He jumped off his board and (eventually) pushed it her way.


Muklis Anwar and Allanah Argument


What we cannot see in the photos but should question is the following: 


  • What happened before that wave in the lineup or on land?
  • Was, and if so what was she/he yelling at him/her?
  • Was he or she behaving nicely in the surf or pulling off an attitude before the incident?
  • Was he snaking waves? Or maybe was she snaking waves?
  • Were they waiting for their turns?
  • Did they have an argument before?
  • Have they known each other before?


WE DO NOT KNOW. And we are not the Police either. So, it’s not on us to investigate, nor has he committed a crime that is to be investigated. Nor should WE be the ones to suggest, and much less carry out punishments, such as shit storming his Family’s homestay on TripAdvisor. Seriously people what is wrong with you?!


Clearly, dropping in on someone is no good…


However, neither is snaking, yelling, bossing, sneaking waves and just generally bad or aggressive attitude in the surf. No matter if it’s a guy or a girl. Maybe he did drop in on her on purpose. Maybe he just wanted to share a wave at an insanely crowded day in Medewi and she didn’t. Maybe they were both just taking the wrong actions in the heat of a moment on a crowded surf day.

In any case, is all of this a reason to publicly blame and harass someone? Including his family, his business AND his sponsor that have nothing to do with it? She pulls her middle fingers on him while she is still on the same wave, tags along every Surf Magazine she can find and calls out his and his businesses name on social media.



What kind of attitude is this? Go big and go home? She is actually bullying him back in a way more aggressive and painful way than he bullied her. Is that the right thing to do? Fueling the conflict in the most effective way possible?

Well, if you were in his place, wouldn’t all of this piss you off too and in the heat of the moment trigger you to eventually leaving an inconsiderate comment?

(His comment on Facebook under Allannah’s Post: “I don’t give a f*ck, too many people at my home. Out of Medewi u c**t.”). He also made reference to the fact that too many surfers paddle out at Medewi who don’t respect the locals – which in my opinion and out of own experience is perfectly correct!

Most people surfing in Medewi are beginners or intermediates. A lot of them don’t know the rules yet or they know them, but don’t take them too seriously because they are on their summer vacation or whatever. The locals live there and have to deal with that attitude every single day of the year! Sure, they make money with tourism, but they also teach you how to surf, so they share their beloved waves, their passion, their culture and country with you as a visitor. It’s a ‚one hand washes the other‘ situation because it’s your Holiday! Plus, you (we all) are a guest to their country, don’t forget that.


But Back to Medewi, Muklis, and Allannah: 


In respect to this specific case, what I think is definitely not right, is to just listen to or see one side of the story and judge from social- and surf media. By now, he has apologized for his behavior and explained his actions several times, through several channels.

Still, his business (a homestay in Medewi) gets spammed with bad reviews on TripAdvisor from people who do not even personally know him, nor his family, nor have visited his place. Maybe he is a welcoming host and an incredible surf teacher that just had a bad day? Maybe him and Allannah did not get along very well way before. Do you know? She said she’s been coming to Medewi for 9 years…

So now, his sponsor, Volcom Indonesia, has suspended him for 6 months… Isn’t this a little exaggerated for an argument that occurs multiple times a day in the line ups worldwide? I think it is, big time! But apparently, that is just my opinion.


Did Ripcurl suspend Gabriel Medina for dropping in on this guy?



No. But maybe it is because he dropped in on a guy, not a girl.




Volcom Muklis Anwar


What if he had dropped in on a guy? Would that have led to the same outcome? I do not think so. Women seek equality on the one hand but on the other hand, they use their femininity to play the weaker, the victim ‚of men‘. The saddest part is, most people fall for those women without questioning.

In my opinion, it would have been a lot stronger of her to walk up to him and confront him with his behavior, instead of throwing it out there to willingly start a shit storm on him. Everybody has bad days, but letting the public decide on a conflict and influence the consequences goes way back in time.

This is how legends deal with drop-ins.



In the end, I think this conflict should have just been solved between the two of them, without getting the public involved.

Clearly, dropping in on someone is no good. But neither is snaking, yelling, bossing, sneaking waves and just generally bad or aggressive attitude in the surf.

What is your opinion, do you think a drop in is justified when someone keeps snaking? Do you think aggressively scratching for waves in a crowded line up is necessary to catch a good one?

Let me know in the comments below!

Keep calm ladies and gents, just Surf Indonesia


Muklis Anwar Apology

Here are the original posts and comments of Allannah Brown and Muklis Anwar:


„Today I was bullied out of the water here in Medewi, Bali.

I was sat in the line up for 40 minutes, this was my SECOND wave of the day and I was sat behind the main pack waiting for scraps because it was so busy. 

I have been coming back to Medewi for 9 years and today on this wave, I was dropped in on by Local sponsored Volcom surfer Muklis Anwar.

He screamed and swore, raced up to me and tried to run my board over, hitting me, but luckily I managed to dodge him, so he violently kicked his board at me…

he then told me to f**k off and to leave the water.

I left the water hysterical.

I now feel completely shocked at how i have been treated, let alone as a girl and incredibly intimidated by somebody that is supposed to be a role model to the younger generation of surfers in Bali. 

How am i supposed to react to this in water? Im not an aggressive, violent person and as a female i shouldn’t have to deal with being victimized by anyone.

As you can see in the photos, i have done nothing wrong, just trying to have fun in the ocean, because that’s why we surf? 

I was supposed to be staying here in Medewi for a month, now im leaving out of principle and how am i supposed to feel comfortable here?

Guess i wont be coming back to Medewi for the 10th year.“

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Muklis Anwar released an apology soon after:

“I have a bad day today! Sorry I know I have dropped on a girl today and she have a photos showing that I am on a bad side,” he wrote. “I would love to say sorry about it. It wasn’t like this. I was try to make a joke at the beginning of the waves and she were screaming at me so hard and so u know I were angry but to be honest I were not a guy that normally did this! It’s surfing everyone can have a bad day of surfing and specially I just try to surf my own break with so much people on it! I try to go and meet her to talk about it but unfortunately she’s left! Sorry once again! It’s my fouls! Everyone make mistakes And This Was mine! Sorry to allanah brown.”


This is Muklis Anwar’s full explanation statement after me requesting it: 

„Hi jani

Yeah! I know it. It was my fouls on that incident. I apologize on it big time to her! To be honest I know that girl since long time that she’s keep coming back to medewi and stay for long here! Over here we do beach clean up every Sunday and every time we do it I never see her help us, last year she were here before she left I have talked to her that if she like this place come and join us do the beach clean.!

This Sunday I saw her at the beach sitting down by the beach while we do the beach clean up! I swear I smile at her and then after that I went Surf and it’s so crowded. It’s hard even for me to get waves! I saw her getting this waves because I were on the inside so in my head at that time I were try to sneaking but just a fun Vibes and joking! After I paddle she were screaming and as a local I keep going at the back of her and she do a cut back and hit our board and she’s screaming even harder. 

After she’s screaming that loud she give me 2 of her middle finger! And I were just don’t know why I throw my board to her and tell her out of the beach!

Maybe because I am a stupid local with my bad angry vibes but wow it instinct at that time! Now everyone know me as the kooks that dropped a girls! I got it! It was my fouls! It’s a lesson of a life time for me! But hopefully it will not happen anywhere around the world! Local or not should not drop in anymore as this cast is going globally big!

I been travel around the world. 

I respect local everywhere I go.

I just kick out if local are getting the waves! I have a lots of people that been judging me so bad after I do this things! Anyway I learn my mistakes and I will not drop in to anyone! I will just go deeper and take the waves! But I hope 🤞🏽 from this incident no local will drop in and not angry even the one u drop gave u a middle fingers! Peace ✌🏼 world. 

Allannah Brown hasn’t replied to my request to make another statement yet (fair enough I think), but in this article you can read what she has stated to a UK Newspaper.“