How to travel light and efficient: I pack my bags for a surf-trip and bring…

I travel a lot and often visit many different places and climates on one trip. Sometimes, I have to pack my bags for multiple trips in a row because going home in between is too much of a detour.

This means, I bring hoodies, shirts, shorts, pants, sneakers and sandals, bikinis and wetsuits. I often have to place summer and winter in one bag and still include my camera gear.

You think you could not do that? I will prove you wrong. Everybody can, you just need to find out what is really important to you. Actually you only need what makes you feel happy and comfortable. Because in the end all you need is to be alive, happy and comfortable. If that’s the case, everything else falls into place automatically. If you are happy, you will look beautiful no matter what you are wearing.

For years and years, I have been looking for the perfect travel luggage kit. Most of the times I just ended up throwing everything in my Surfboard-bag. I tried hard to maintain it organized while traveling but I always failed. I found myself within the chaos of searching for one single item in-between 28.000 other items.

Clothes get filthy and creasy in your board-bag and throwing your sandy boards back onto the bag does not exactly help. Also, you can easily get dents in your boards having that much stuff inside your board bag. Carrying a 30kg surfboard-bag around during layovers is no fun either… All in all, using your surfboard-bag as a travel bag is just not ideal.

Over the past years, I have learnt to travel light and I know, the struggle to get there and actually pack light is damn real. So, in this post, I would like to share some advice with you.

First of all: These are my bags

carry on trolley (size: 55 x 35 x 20cm)

carry on backpack

triple board-bag with surfboards and surf-equipment ON-LY!

(Including all my surf gear like fins, repair-kit, sunscreen, bikinis and wetsuits etc. plus towels.)

hip (-ster) bag

If you don’t think this is enough room for your stuff, just trust me, it is.

I don’t think it depends so much on the suitcases or bags you bring on a trip. It depends on what you bring and how much of it.


How I organize my bags and what I bring on every Surf-trip: 


My carry on backpack is the one I put all my „important“ (Laptop and camera gear for example) stuff into. Everything I need pretty frequently or is of great value to me, goes in there. To not end up nuzzling around searching for my iPhone charger or passport, everything has it’s own spot inside the backpack. Actually everything that goes in that Backpack has it’s own little spot where I put it back to when I’m done using it. And yes, It took me a little while to teach myself the discipline of not just throwing it back in there.

I mean secretly we all think „oh I just used it I won’t need it in a while, so whatever just chuck it back in there, booop“. We all do this, don’t we?! And then just minutes later we regret ourselves because we suddenly do need the item again and now even more and most of all faster then before, but it’s gooooone! Lost in the depths of our backpack and to find it again you have to unpack everything.


My carry on trolley is where I put all (!) of my clothes and bath items.

The Surfboard-bag holds my Surfboard and Surf-gear exclusively.

My Hip (-ster) bag is for my Phone, money, passport, Boarding pass, lip-balm.


On long trips with lots of stop overs I prepare my little hip bag where I put my money, phone, my lip-balm, Boarding-pass and Passport into. It’s pretty handy. When you’re at your destination, you can nowadays use it as a Hipster bag and it is still pretty practical ;).

Ok now, here is what I personally bring on every trip: Head over to page 2

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