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How I afford to travel

So here’s the answer to the most frequently asked question: how I afford to travel and surf all year.

The answer is very simple, no big deal, just random jobs until last year when I returned from a life changing surf trip. I started writing down my experiences and published my first edits through magazines. Finally I decicded to put all my effort and knowledge from prevoius jobs into what I really love doing – Surfing and reporting about it in many different ways. Here I am now. Living my dream after 5 years of degrees, internships, side jobs, real jobs as a journalist for mainstream sports I wasn’t passionate about… ups and downs, doubts and mistakes… I think everything in life has a purpose. If you learn to make the best out of every situation you get into, you’ll live a better life.

Work hard for your goals and you’ll reach them. Don’t expect an elevator to success, know, that you’ll have to take the stairs. It’s your choice to run them up or to enjoy the journey and let life teach you.